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Live on your own terms.

Luxurious, all inclusive living.

Affordable permanent, overnights & day care.

We Know the Feeling…
Who is this person? Not the once capable person you knew and loved….

You still love them, but the joys of the past are becoming a distance memory. You worry. What if they fall? Forget to take medication? They sit home – alone… isolated, fearful. Sound extreme?

Unfortunately, many of us with aging parents, relatives, even spouses are expressing the same concerns. Naturally you want to shoulder the burden; yet you can only do so much alone – without assistance.

Let us help.
Bayville Manor is a private licensed senior care residence specializing in providing positive living experiences for both seniors and their families. Bayville Manor offers a range of personalized senior living services including resort style day care, “a’ la carte” personal care, overnight stays, intelligent memory training and permanent long-term care.

Below are a few stories from some of the amazing residents & families who have helped Bayville Manor become the best senior living option for your loved one.

Take the First Step…
Schedule a meeting with our Certified Professional Senior Life Coach to discuss customized living options for your needs and budget.

Become acquainted with our compassionate staff, exceptional care, motivating activities, fine dining, memory stimulating programs, celebrations. Experience quality living that goes on in an owner-operated community each and every day.

A visit for the day, overnight or for long-term care at Bayville Manor all start with a meeting. Set up one today by filling out the form below.

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